OVER ONE HOUR — $59.95


First we have two of the greatest large-breasted blonde grapplers ever, Quisha and Sandy, each ready to live up to her potential. These ladies take their destruction seriously. Their large breasts are a constant attraction as each takes her turn at trying to rip and claw her foešs fleshy chest. A multi-fall extravaganza as each femme gets worn down until crawling is all they can do. Toward the end of this long and exhausting match they each trade hard arm shivers to the chest, shaking their huge breasts and knocking each of them to the canvas. These spitfires valiantly struggle back to their knees and they slam one another desperately, each trying to come back from the brink of defeat. Who will be the last to get up? Who will win this fabulous war?


For our second match we welcome back Allie, now a much more curvaceous lady than when we last saw her. It seems that she and Marjone (also called Jordan) are old friends and they decide to compete in an "uncle" match. Every time a girl gets her opponent to say "uncle" she gets a point and at the end of a specified time the one with the most points wins. Allie doesn't take this seriously enough to suit Marjone so their friendship is soon in jeopardy. Julie refs this match and keeps score. It starts slowly as Allie seems a bit rusty after her long layoff but picks up soon after their tops are off. The first "uncle" comes quickly but as time goes on these tigresses really dig in and the match intensifies. Marjone and her glorious body is always a treat to behold and Allie in her girlish pigtails and her playful manner shows us why we liked her so much. This is, without a doubt, a FABULOUS tape.