ONE HOUR — $59.95


Sparks fly as soon as Cindy and Francesca get near each other. When Bobbie joins in to help her friend Francesca poor Cindy doesn't have a chance. But wait, here comes Mia to her rescue. Mia sets up a tag match and Mia brings Julie in as the referee because she doesn't trust her two opponents and as the match progresses we realize how true Mia's instincts were. Francesca and Bobbie cheat every chance they get. Beautiful Cindy valiantly holds her own but she is up against some ring-wise warriors here. However, Cindy does have Mia working with her and the two of them wade in to take on the best in a great multi-fall match that offers a bit of everything--great two-against-one action and a free-for-all brawl. But, it's the bizarre ending that really sets this one apart - one of our weirdest and wildest endings where teamwork is the ultimate key. A fun, wild classic with beautiful ladies and surprising finishes.