ONE HOUR — $59.95


The art of the pain is back, and the backs are beautiful, large and stretched to the backbreaking limit. Shelly, the Burbank Bomber, enters the ring barefoot, and is met by an equally tough grappler, Raven, topless and in her red high heels. Raven immediately lets Shelly know that her back won't be broken like the others. With this Raven strikes, taking Shelly hard to the canvas and is soon on Shelly, smothering the Burbank Bomber with her breasts, letting Shelly know who's the real boss now. Has Shelly finally met her match? Well, let's just say it's a one-sided match with many classic backbreaking holds along with some very unique spinal stretches. The long legs stretch as backs are contorted until the pain mounts and the destruction is complete - but whose?


Next DT Productions introduces two new grapplers who have never before seen combat but have been training hard and eager to test their arm holds. Amanda is the larger of our two beauties, a beautiful face her curvaceous figure is anchored by a stout bottom and legs. Chas, her opponent, has long auburn hair that flows down her sleek, firm body. Soon these new beauties are topless and you'll be amazed how these newcomers enjoy taking it to each other. They execute many of the armholds and really relish inflicting pain as they savagely twist skin and pull each otheršs hair. These gals look like naturals, so if you're looking for some new blood that's eager to please and destroy, than look no further.