Sultry Sandy teams up with sexy Gasae to take on the Amazonian Julie D.C. and her partner the beautiful Marjone. Sandy brutally introduces Marjone to the canvas, as they are the first two taggers in the ring. Sandy's huge mammaries are soon free of all restraints, and immediately she returns the favor as she stretches Marjone over the ropes and rips her top off. Sandy then proceeds to pound Marjone's breasts. Marjone is no wimp, however, and soon turns the tables on the buxom blonde, sending Sandy to her corner to tag Gasae in as Marjone tags the large D.C. Again the tops are ripped off but eventually D.C.'s strength starts to prevail and she straddles Gasae, sitting on her face until the dark-skinned beauty is almost out. Sandy comes to Gasae's rescue and D.C. realizes she may have met her match with this wild grappler but with a little help from her partner they start to destroy poor Sandy as the first fall ends. Will revenge be sweet in the second fall? Breasts and bodies are beaten into submission, but not before everyone pays a high price.


Next, two super-tough dolls endure a multi-fall marathon match. The stunning and sassy Kimberly goes against gorgeous Candi. We saw how fast Candy could move in her last match with Francesca, but here she slows it down a bit as she takes on the stronger, more intense Kimberly. The beautiful Kimberly knows that the winner of this match will get a shot at the championship belt and no one, not even Julie the ref, is going to get in her way. But Kimberly had no idea how strong beautiful Candi is and this multi-fall match goes long into the afternoon. Kimberly's strong, firm, shapely legs wrap around their victim and try to squeeze the life out of Candi's golden body. These tough blondes go all out in this hard-fought, fabulous match.