ONE HOUR — $59.95


Possibly our most popular lady ever, marvelous Mia is a joy to watch. Whether it's a fun apartment catfight or a wild ring match, Mia delivers. In the first category we find beautiful sweet Cindy impatiently waiting in her apartment for her night out with Mia. But, what started out as a date turns out to be a nightmare. Mia gets insulted and slugs unsuspecting Cindy in the gut. Back and forth they go, each feeling bad when they go too far and wake their vanquished foe up with kisses. Eventually Mia has just had enough and goes to take her shower, but her mistake is in not allowing Cindy to take one with her. It's a tied up wet revenge that befalls poor Mia when rejected Cindy goes at her in the shower.


Now who could we match marvelous Mia in the ring to match the heat of the first match? You guessed it: fabulous Francesca. Angered about Mia being picked to represent the team in a European tough girl contest Francesca confronts Mia and a ring challenge is made. These tough girls start out topless with gloves on and Francesca is angry enough to punch a hole in Mia. The blows come fast and furious as Francesca corners Mia and pummels her stomach. Desperation forces Mia to kick Francesca hard in her midsection to turn the tables. No referee in this one so when a lady goes down to the mat the beating continues and kicking remains a viable weapon. Kicking to the stomach and the head, these ladies pull out all the stops. They even take off the gloves so they can grab and punch harder. It's wrestling, punching, and whatever it takes to win.