Welcome back Brandy! Mia's beautiful youngest sister has had her baby and is ready for action. She and Cindy are training in the ring when big, beautiful Jill comes along to tell the girls it's her time for the ring. While Cindy and Brandy may be a lot smaller than Jill they aren't about to let her push them around. Soon we have a fight brewing and Mia is forced to intervene. They agree to a multi-fall handicap match, but the Cindy and Brandy can't be in the ring at the same time. Mia is the ref and Jill doesn't think she is impartial, so when the girls double-team her in the corners Jill gets furious at Mia. Brandy is in fabulous shape and doesn't seem too rusty after her time off, but Jill is a tough one and this match goes long as two attractive femmes try valiantly to wear down their larger opponent.


Next we have Mia taking on one of our newer ladies, Marjone (who's also called Jordan professionally). While Marjone has extensive experience wrestling, not all that much has been pro-style, which makes this an interesting match up. We soon see that Marjone is actually pretty adept at her throws and holds and she'd better be, going against a veteran grappler like Mia. Marjone isn't just a beautiful body; she can give and take with the best of them. This yet another great tape with the DT hallmarks of beauty and toughness in the pro mode.