ONE HOUR — $59.95


Back by popular demand! The mighty Super Shelly returns to don her cape and battle two wily super-villainesses with their super powers. A phone call directs Shelly to retrieve some important documents and she quickly goes into the bedroom and she comes back as SUPER SHELLY. The superheroine enters an office where her super instincts lead her to the secret documents. But wait -- who's that sneaking up behind her? It's Doreen the Sorceress in her black costume, cape and high heels, who pauses behind Super Shelly as the Sorceress activates the magical powers in her hands. These supernatural hands are then used to attack Super Shelly. The caped crimefighter's legs weaken as Doreen's magic hands squeeze Super Shelly's large breasts. Super Shelly tries to retaliate only to find the evil hands around her neck and mouth until eventually Super Shelly is subdued. Being the demon she is, the Sorceress ties Super Shelly to the rails, pulls her top down and continues destroying our heroine. How will the mighty blonde bombshell get out of this deathtrap?


Later we find Super Shelly coming back home with the documents and looks for the person who is supposed to be there to receive them. Instead she finds the Villainess (Bobbie) in her white cape and boots coming at her. At first the Villainess is no match for Super Shelly until she tricks the heroine and gets to her power ring. This ring's mystic gem weakens Super Shelly. The now-topless Villainess then begins working Super Shelly over. It doesn't look good for our superheroine. Is this finally the end for the buxom powerhouse? Has death and defeat finally come the one, the only Super Shelly?