Marjone and Julie D.C. are two ladies with figures that scream to be naked and Christine is here to answer those screams. We start out outside where D.C. informs Christine that she is going to an audition. Christine replies she is also going so D.C. can stay home, as she's not feminine enough. Now D.C. isn't about to stand for this and the fur flies, as do the clothes. After subduing D.C. Christine moves inside where she meets Marjone decked out in her pretty white sundress and looking for D.C. to accompany her to the audition. When Christine insults Marjone as well, that's it. Soon both ladies are on the floor ripping each otheršs clothes but again Christine knocks her rival out and with Marjone's dress. Soon D.C. and Marjone recover and find Christine in the living room putting on Marjone's dress where they jump her and strip her naked. It's a wild free-for-all with all the girls going at each other at different times. Marjone's large breasts roll over D.C. whose own dangerous curves are world-renowned. Christine, of course, is her beautiful, wild, naked self. It's a fun nude romp and these new ladies really jump right in. So get ready to be WOWEEEEDDDDD by these fabulous naked bodies.