Here we go again with another one of those fabulous crotch and stomach annihilation matches. It starts out with Mia against the ever-mean beauty, Gasae. It's a good wild fight going back and forth with both ladies dishing out extreme blows to the midsection and crotch with a little breast beating for good measure. Then Gasae gets the upper hand and lets loose a savage attack on these already sore areas. Never have we seen Mia hit so hard in the stomach. On and on the torture continues until sweet Cindy comes to Mia's aid telling Gasae to back off and when that doesn't work she gives Gasae a little of her own medicine. This beating really gets in high gear when Mia joins forces with Cindy to destroy Gasae's crotch and stomach, and only the intervention of Francesca saves Gasae from total annihilation. The destruction really gets wild as all the tops are off and it goes from two against one, one against one and two against two. But, no matter the combinations they all have the same bent: the ultimate punishment of stomach and crotch.


As if that four-girl destruction match wasn't enough we've brought back one of your favorites, that striking blonde beauty, Kimberly. As you'll recall Kimberly used to have a bit of an edge on her -- well, that edge has gotten razor sharp as she tears into Bobbie. Bobbie has never met Kimberly before and is taken aback by this gorgeous tough cookie. We soon realized that Kimberly has had a few fights since last she left us, as she really takes it to the beautiful Bobbie. It's a real joy to see two such evenly matched beauties go breast to breast. Kimberly is a bigger woman than when she left but it's all firm -- as Bobbie finds out the hard way. But don't ever count Bobbie out. She's always been one game grappler and is not about to let some new girl come into her backyard and dis her. We are ever so ecstatic to welcome the ravishing Kimberly back to the fold.