OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


Three new and fabulous ladies are coming at you from DT Productions, thanks to the efforts of one of our customers. You already met the gorgeous new redhead Doreen in Tape #274. Now welcome two even newer fabulous combatants who are not only beautiful but experienced combatants. Marjone is a gorgeous young brunette who has wrestled live all around the world and now joins Double Trouble for what promises to be a long and loving relationship. She and Doreen are pitted against another fabulous new redhead, Julie D.C. (dangerous curves) - a statuesque lady who measures 50-24-36. Julie D.C. thinks she's so great that she can beat the other two in a handicap tag-team match. So, we're off to a wild and wonderful match. We will definitely be seeing a lot more of these fabulous combatants.


While this match alone would make a great tape, we have a second super match to accompany it. Fabulous is the only way to describe what happens when two spitfires get in the ring together. This is the first meeting between Nicole and Francesca, and they don't like each other right from the start. This is a wild action-packed match right from the start as Nicole takes Francesca's top off and ties her up. Then Nicole proceeds to punish her. But, you can't keep a firebrand like Francesca down for long as she whips Nicole into the ropes and hits her so hard in the head that Nicole spins in the air. These fabulous ladies go at it as hard as any two we've ever seen with throws and blows that will make you wince from the pain.