OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


The gorgeous Morgan, drunk and dressed as a cowgirl, breaks into a house to steal some documents. She finds what she's after but Bobbie, in her white bikini, finds our cowgirl and knocks her out. Bobbie doesn't get to rest long as Susie, in her hip-hugging black tights and studded belt breaks in and goes for Bobbie. Susie cold-cocks Bobbie with a vicious right and now it is Susie who has the document. However, our beautiful blonde cowgirl stirs and is soon on the attack, and eventually we have two limp bodies draped over each other. These three sidewinders go hard at it - one on one, two against one, a free for all. Only one hellcat can win that valuable document and they all fight hard to see which one of them is the last gal standing.


No costumes for this second match, as these ladies don't want anything to get in the way of their destruction. Nina is as rough as she is beautiful and poor Cindy finds this out as Nina trains her in pro-style. The spunky Nicole comes to Cindy's defense and Nina challenges them both to a handicap match, but with one opponent in the ring at a time. Nina starts out by destroying sweet Cindy and expects to do the same to Nicole, but Nina soon finds out that Nicole is no newcomer. This is brought home to Nina as our tough little German fraulein batters Nina then tags Cindy in. But don't count Nina out; she proves that her tough reputation is well deserved. It turns into a long match as Nina gets a little ahead, then is beaten back by a fresh grappler. Beautiful Cindy comes to life with encouragement from her feisty partner Nicole, but Nina keeps coming back, until the pain mounts up till ...