Let's start out with a real marathon, a five-out-of-nine-fall match pitting two real strong canvas ladies, Julie and Jill. Julie congratulates Jill on her recent win but Jill just tells her how she wants to take on Julie next. Julie agrees but only if it's a non-title match. And, we're off-- with the veteran, pert Julie ready to do battle with this cute, stout warrior. These ladies must really love canvas because they spend an incredible amount of time on it. Neither of them was ready to give in on this one. What a match up -- size and determination vs. speed and knowledge. Julie and Jill throw everything at each other until they just wear each other down in this a classic marathon.


Next, we have an older pro-style tape featuring one of our most requested wrestlers, the beautiful Alexis, who has since, regrettably, retired from the ring. Due to a tracking problem this marathon best-out-of-nine-falls match was held back for a while, but we've since taken care of most of the problem so you can again see the fabulous Alexis one final time as she takes on the then-newcomer Bobbie. It's a real joy to see how far Bobbie has come since this. She was so fiery, she even went after the ref, Mia. You have to give Bobbie a lot of credit for toughing this one out. We could tell even back then that she wasn't just a beautiful body. She had--and has -- heart.