ONE HOUR — $59.95


Sweet young Kelly, in her plaid schoolgirl outfit, sits on the living room floor as Mia sneaks in behind her and starts to hand smother her. Kelly's legs flail, throwing her skirt up over her buttocks and revealing her high riding white panties. With Kelly unconscious, Mia, in her red mini skirt, takes off to search the house. Kelly awakens and staggers into the hall where Mia again finds her and wreaks destruction on the innocent one with sleepers and smothers all the way to the bedroom where Mia ties Kelly up on the bed and strips her. But, somehow Kelly always comes back. She puts her skirt back on and comes back for more, but Mia may just be too much for her. How can sweet Kelly take so much? And will Mia ever be able to totally subdue her?


Now, Mia may have been in control in that last match but when it really comes to control -- that is, a real control master -- well, nobody masters like Gasae. And there's nobody she likes to master more than the gorgeous Francesca. Getting out the collar and the whip, Gasae is holding nothing back in this one. Poor Francesca is subjected to torments no slave should ever have to endure - from obeying every whim to cleaning Gasae's feet with her tongue to eating off the floor, to . . . well, this one you will have to see for yourself!