ONE HOUR — $59.95


You've seen the sleek, young, flexible beauty, Nicole, and the big tough Burbank Bomber Shelly each breaking the back of sweet Susie in Tape #270 Now it's time for these to backbreakers to meet each other. In the ring alone, Nicole doffs her top and drops it to the mat. Then she slowly bends her sleek firm body backwards and picks the top up with her teeth. Truly a feat of beauty, but she's not done. Nicole then treats us to a series of flexible warm-ups until the Bomber comes into the ring. Now Nicole challenges the buxom Shelly to do the same backbend maneuver. Never one to ignore a challenge Shelly drops her top in the center of the canvas and readies for the move. The ensuing match turns into a one-sided stretch to destruction, where pain is only surpassed by the beauty of these taut, pliable frames. It's no wonder these matches have been such a hit, and this is definitely one of the greatest. These ladies turn supple destruction into an art form.


And speaking of popular matches - those arm matches in Tape #253 were so well received we filmed another great one. We start out with a close up of strong tanned arms doing push-ups in the ring and pull back to see that they belong to the buxom, blonde beauty, Sandy. Redheaded knockout Doreen, making her DT debut after touring live throughout the world, enters the ring. This gorgeous newcomer is looking for trouble as she makes fun of Sandy's arms. Soon a multi-fall arm match is under way, and their tops are quickly off. Their large chests heave as they put on every armhold they can think of. Not content to just bend limbs to the breaking point they torture each other's arms by pulling at their delicate arm hairs. These talented ladies are evenly matched and put on one hell of a show of arm destruction until one pair of beautiful sleek, firm limbs can take no more.