All's fair in a wrestling war as Mia finds out when she takes on the gorgeous Yvonne. A kick to the stomach slows Mia down and a knee to the groin stops her cold. After many hard slams to Mia's vulnerable pubic area Mia falls in pain only to find Yvonne's foot being thrust repeatedly into this sensitive area. Yvonne definitely has the upper hand until Mia throws a hard fist to Yvonne's vulnerable groin and the tables turn. Mia now dishes it out, from crotch, to breasts, to stomach, and even a head butt to the blonde's battered crotch. But this match is far from over, as the lovely Sandy joins in only to finds herself getting a crotch, stomach, and breast working over. But soon two ladies are working against one and these three topless terrors go for broke.


>From this hot catfight we jump to two pros who really want to destroy each other. Mia finds Bobbie in her sleek white one-piece exercising and tells her she wants a shot at her title. Before long a fight is on in the ring where these two gladiators instantly get their tops off and goes hard at it. They employ all the legitimate moves and throws but for some reason it seems that when their tops come off they have a little more of the cat in them. Their strong young legs take turns squeezing each other's tight tummies as they employ long excruciating holds that test their mettle and give you another great tape from DT Productions.