ONE HOUR — $59.95


Never has so much beauty caused so much pain. The first match has one of our larger beauties Shelly taking it to sweet Susie. Susie is a good grappler but after a few savage backbreakers she finds it hard to move. Much less retaliate. Seldom will you see such beauty in pain as Susie is stretched in the most ingenious breakers - her lean, tight, topless body bent back with her long curvaceous legs flexing and straightening as her toes point to the sky. It's one extreme, agonizingly beautiful pose after another in this spine-snapping showcase.


A few days later we find Susie loosening up her back, her top off as she performs a backbend to pick the top up. Tough Nicole shows up to show Susie what flexibility really looks like in a truly impressive display. One thing leads to another as these two flexible femme fatales go all out to break each other's backs. Again sleek legs stretch, strain and point as if subjects in a surrealistic painting - except that this isn't a canvas on your wall, it's the outdoor canvas of combat - a canvas displaying extreme back breaking beauty!