ONE HOUR — $59.95


Tina and Yvonne gang up on Mia in the backyard, destroying her with punches to the stomach and kicks to the crotch. Francesca comes to Mia's aid and all the ladies decide to take it into the ring with Christine refereeing. Mia wants her foes to get what she got and the match turns into an amalgamation of stomach, crotch and breast destruction. Tops are off fast, cheating is rampant and you can really see blood in everyone's eyes. Tina and Yvonne are good at ganging up on Mia. Christine valiantly tries to maintain order but it's all in vain as stomach punches rain down and groins receive devastating kicks and punches. Both sides give as well as they get until eventually the tide turns against one pair of grapplers and breasts quiver as knuckles batter soft young skin. This also contains one truly great ending as each victor rolls her victim heels over head and headbutt the losers' vulnerable crotches. A wild, super, topless tag-team extravaganza!


Can we ever top this match? Well, the next two ladies give it a hell of a shot. The voluptuous Quisha is warming up in the ring when the sleek dark-haired beauty, Cindy, enters. Cindy just wants to practice but Quisha has some old grudges with her and it's payback time. Quisha wants Cindy to believe that she doesn't really know much about wrestling. Does our innocent youngster have a surprise in store for her a truly painful surprise. Quisha's large breasts roll over Cindy's lean body as Quisha stretches poor Cindy in every direction. Quisha can be so mean, employing some of the most unique positions we've seen in a long time. How can Cindy's beautiful breasts take that torture? How can her body bend that far - and survive? There's only one way to find out.