ONE HOUR — $59.95


In Tape #261 they fought, branded and carried each other to destruction. Now they're back, bigger ­ and meaner than ever. Mia, Bobbie, Francesca and Susie start by arguing as to who's the best and end up fighting to prove it. But they add one cutting provision - the winner gets to shave the losers head to toe, all the hair scraped from their soft young skin. They pair off and get started. Mia fights Bobbie and Francesca takes on Susie. Tops are torn off as all these beauties battle in the same room until the victors sit on their victims' faces, smothering them into dreamland. One awakens and a hard crack in the jaw sends her back to sleep. Each winner puts her victim in a fireman's carry and takes her to the bedroom where she is laid out on the bed. Both topless, lifeless bodies laid out on the bed awaiting the razor's edge, but first the remaining two winners go after each other until finally there remains only one girl standing‹one girl with a razor...


Another winner and loser get ready to see which is which as the luscious Gasae sits outside reading her magazine when angry Francesca approaches and accuses her of stealing. Soon Francesca has Gasae bent over a desk and is battering her butt-- over and over she slaps and spanks poor Gasae's behind until welts are left that scream for revenge. And revenge is sweetest when it's total and total it is as Gasae sneaks up behind Francesca and chokes and spanks the Latin lovely's soft brown cheeks. And Gasae has only begun. She lays Francesca over the kitchen table, punches her vulnerable stomach and chokes her over the ledge. And, still Gasae's not finished as this slaughter spills from room to room to a nude degrading finale.