ONE HOUR — $59.95


This may be the last we'll be seeing the fabulously beautiful Sierra in the ring. She's moved to another state so we're lucky to have this great finale pitting her against that tough Latin cutie Francesca. They start out practicing but, as usual, Francesca gets too rough and it ends up a real battle. Sierra looks as gorgeous as ever in her bright sunshine-yellow bikini and black nylons and Francesca looks as sultry as ever in her skintight bike shorts. Francesca really goes after this young beauty as she rips into those black nylons, using her long fingernails as weapons on Sierra's supple thighs. But sweet Sierra comes back to turn the tide, until Francesca rips her top off freeing Sierra's large beautiful breasts. We're so happy to have this final look at one of the all-time great young beauties of combat.


Next we have a classic big girl confrontation. The stout beauty Jill takes on the statuesque Bobbie. These two have waited a long time to get at each other and boy do they go at it in this long match that showcases both their toughness and wrestling skills. These two topless titans wrap their beautiful legs around each other and squeeze. These tall ladies really get wild and crazy. Both of them are so charged as their strong deliberate moves inflict super-charged pain. It's such a pleasure to see the bigger ladies really get it on.