ONE HOUR — $59.95


We start out with one of the best mixed matches we've ever had. Tough little Gary takes on one of the all time tough girls, Sandy in a very even match where both combatants give and take a lot. Undaunted as her one piece is pulled apart, Sandy fights on bare-breasted. Gary proves to be very flexible as Sandy bends him like a pretzel then slaps his bare cheeks. These are two very game athletes putting on one amazing show of destruction. Throws, holds and pins galore as we watch a lady who refuses to believe a man can take her. This blond beauty truly enjoys taking it to a male, and you'll enjoy watching her do it.


Another of our super tough ladies, Nicole, delivers the next beating on this tape. Andrew has followed her home and plans on a little hanky panky but finds out that Nicole is not one to screw with. She stomach punches this male into oblivion over and over until he slides down. She then picks him up and starts over. How does he take such destruction? Never have we seen a stomach so red and battered. Well, that's what a man gets when he doesn't give a lady the respect she deserves. It's a painful lesson!