Those two cuties you love to see go breast to breast are at it again. Both Michelle and Christine show up for the same audition but no one is there to decide who has the best bust, so they try to rip each other's breasts off and in the process rip each other's clothes off. Naked, they batter breasts and crotches until sexy Seth enters and halts their destruction. Seth tells them the producer is coming -- and that neither of their busts is all that great. Michelle runs off to take a bath leaving the angry Christine to vent her rage as she pulls Seth's tight mini-skirt over her muscular firm legs. Seth goes for Christine's vulnerable crotch but soon finds herself naked and vulnerable. A facesitting smother finds Seth's beautiful round rear on Christine's face until she's out, and Seth takes off for the bathroom.


Michelle's large breasts bounce in her bath water as Seth offers to help bathe her but soon is cleaning more than Michelle had in mind. Our three wet and wild naked ladies end up in the bedroom where Michelle and Christine team up on poor Seth and punish her breasts and crotch, with some more facesitting and general destruction. The producer enters and these three naked warriors stop as they see Ruby, an angry statuesque redhead who's ready to destroy some naked ass. All hell breaks loose, and anything goes as these four incredible beauties try to destroy four fabulous bodies. Your ears will pop, your jaws will drop, and all you'll be able to say is WOWEEE!!!!