ONE HOUR — $59.95


We are proud to introduce yet another new girl to the DT wrestling family. The fabulously cute Kelly hails from San Diego and is definitely a real sweet treat. A lean, vivacious youngster ready to rumble, Kelly challenges Mia to a multi-fall match and a new legend is born. With the innocence of a fawn but the heart of a lion -- Kelly's too cute for words. Mia, however, doesn't think so, as she tries to destroy this beautiful young body. Kelly bends and bends but isn't about to break and the falls start adding up. Yes she's a game beauty and her youth may just be too much for Mia. The only thing better than watching Kelly is listening to her in an Interview in which this youngster's charms will most certainly capture you.


Another charmer we haven't seen for a while is Angel, one of the all-time popular ladies takes on the only other body that can bend and flex almost as much as her, that ever-gorgeous amazon, Bobble. These two know all the moves-- and a few extras -- as they try to see who can bend the other to submission first. Lean beautiful bodies twist each other into pretzels as these blonde vixens do their best to tie up loose ends. A tape filled with action, beauty, and an oh so charming newcomer too boot - It's everything you could ever want, and more!