ONE HOUR — $59.95


We had many requests for the return of the blonde beauty Seth, so she's back with a vengeance to take on one of the best, Mia. This sweet little lady with the beautiful body has a real mean streak in her and Mia is about to feel every inch of it. A classic topless match that goes on for more than thirty minutes and most of it is destructive torment. Oh, what a luscious little villain this sleek beauty is, and how we love a good villainess - one who truly enjoys her work. And as we watch the lovely Seth doing her villainess worst against Mia, we can all see why demand for Seth was so popular.


Speaking of popular, we introduce another very popular warrior, Candi. How can a newcomer already be so popular? Because, while this curvy, golden-haired beauty may be new to DT Productions, she is by no means new to female combat. Baby-faced Candi has been an extremely popular wrestler around the Chicago area and we are so very happy to have her grace our mat. Her long, yellow mane whips around the ring like a whirling dervish during this wild feminine action. Statuesque Bobble steps in to see what the new girl is made of. Not only can this full-figured lady take whatever bodacious Bobbie can throw at her, cute Candi most definitely knows the moves from throws to holds to just plain pain. By popular demand we bring this new dynamo to you, and we're betting that, by popular demand, she will be back.