ONE HOUR — $59.95


First we find lovely Bobbie and the spectacular Morgan coming home early in the morning from a party. They are all decked out in their best party dresses when they start to argue - one word leads to another and another leads to blows. Soon they are sprawled over the bed ripping those stylish dresses off each other. They even tear off their wild lace teddies until their breasts are freed. Eventually one knocks the other out and goes to take a shower. The demolished one finally wakes up and heads for the shower and her wet and wild revenge. The shower ignites from the sparks as these fabulously moist bodies collide. Then they slide back to the bed where the still-wet felines continue their raging battle. What a way to top off an evening!


Next, Mia, Bobbie, Susie and Francesca star as sorority sisters caught up in a youthful exercise in dominant destruction. They play sisters from different sororities who are each trying to see which sister can catch and destroy the most sisters. We open as Mia is seen at the door delivering one of the vanquished victims in a fireman's carry. Another girl inspects Mia's cargo but the brand or stamp isn't signed so it's not considered a score. It all becomes delightfully chaotic as the sisters try to stamp and destroy each other. Soon the tops are all off and the ladies are carrying lifeless bodies all around the room. So sit back and enjoy watching these young college girls destroy, stamp, sign and carry their way into your hearts -- or lower.