OVER ONE HOUR — $59.95


What happens when two new girls team up with one super toughie to take on two accomplished veterans? You'll find out when Julie and Mia take on nitro Nicole, newcomer Cindy, and even fresher newcomer Chanell. Nicole wants blood especially Mia's -- and she's willing to sacrifice the two newcomers to get her shot. Sleek, sexy Cindy knows a little about fighting and is quuite game and beautiful blonde Chanell is ready to go but not too knowledgeable. So how can our German fraulein think she has a chance against the likes of these vets, Mia and Julie? Well, if you've ever seen this shorthaired terrier scrap than you know her beauty is second only to her toughness and when she thinks she can take anyone - she may be right. This is a classic tag team tussle that lasts a long, long time and offers you everything you could possibly get out of one match.


It lasts so long we probably shouldn't even put a second match on this tape, but we just can't help aiming to please with two beautiful veterans that are always ready to get it on. Tina will do about anything to win and straight Susie wants to win by her skills. This is a match up made for enjoyment and these two women warriors never let us down. Still two of our most requested ladies and you'll now why when you see the show they put on. The tag features many moments of delightful torment and is just a pure delight, a fitting capper for a fully loaded tape with tons of viewing enjoyment.