ONE HOUR — $59.95


This tape marks the debut of yet another DT find, sweet Cindy, she of the long, lean, limber, luscious body. This scintillating girl next door is ready to rumble as she takes on the rough-and-tumble little beauty, Francesca. One would think Francesca might finish this neophyte off in no time, but Cindy isn't just a pretty body. This match rages on for a long time. These two beauties start off bare-chested and Cindy learns the hard way that when you challenge Francesca Le you have to be ready even before the bell rings. Will pure heart be enough to extinguish Francesca's Latin fire?


Next, our fabulous siren from across the pond, the firm, petite warrior Yvonne, mouths off to the wrong person when the Burbank Bomber returns. That's right; big bountiful Shelly is back and when Yvonne sasses her Shelly says she'll break her back like a twig. "No way!" says the rock-hard British bombshell. Well, "Way!" Never have we seen so many back breakers in one match. In every possible way Yvonne's back is stretched. Her bones creek as Shelly throws Yvonne over her shoulder and bounces her back to oblivion. How much tortuous pain can one slender torso take? Will somebody stop this torture before the Bomber breaks the bombshell in two? Shelly slings Yvonne around like a little Barbie doll -- a doll she wants to destroy.