ONE HOUR — $59.95


Wild and wonderful is the best way to describe our first offering as tan blonde Malibu takes on the very popular Nicole who now has longer (and blonder) hair than when last we saw her in Tape #245. Malibu and Nicole were good friends before this match, but that is no longer the case and you'll know why after you see these topless terrors attack. Everyone around the ring that evening winced, sure that someone would be seriously hurt as these grapplers really let go. When Nicole lets go she can really be scary and we may trouble finding other ladies that will get in the ring with her. You'll understand why when you witness her fury.


Next we have another tough beauty, Francesca, taking on another newcomer who's new to DT but not to combat. Mindy knows how to fight and she's from those tough eastern city streets and ready to prove that these western girls are nothing for her. When these two meet sparks fly. Mindy isn't sure how much all her karate experience will help her with wrestling a seasoned ring scrapper like Francesca. They push each other through a best-out-of-nine-fall match. These ladies really don't like each other and their mutual dislike translates to wild and wonderful topless fun for all the lucky viewers of this match.