ONE HOUR — $59.95


They say that once an animal gets a taste for fresh blood they can never control the desire, and it seems the same for our first pair of lethal ladies. Once they start to bite each other they can't stop. Mia and Bobbie start out with an innocent quarrel until one rips her pearly whites into a hunk of her rival's young feminine flesh. Then the other retaliates with a deeper, more excruciating bite and we're off to a seemingly endless feast of tasty young flesh. The tops are ripped off so the soft fleshy breasts can also feel the ravage of incisors cutting into them. No body part is sacred as teeth impressions are left from head to toe like a map of destruction. Biting seems to release the pent up animalistic savage we keep caged within the dark recesses of our minds. Now the savage is loose-- and baring her teeth.


Our second story lands us at a more civilized place-- Mia's house where she seems to be just sitting around. But wait-- she's sitting around Francesca! Yes, Mia's round firm rear is sitting on Francesca's beautiful face. If this wasn't enough humiliation Mia invites Gasae over to join in on the sit-down session. It's multiple facesitting in every direction and style as these bare-breasted beauties straddle, squeeze, smother, and bounce on their victim's vulnerable face. More beautiful faces and butts in bizarre positions than humanly thought possible -- and you'll feel every breathless straddle.