ONE HOUR — $59.95


Can the beautiful huge-breasted Michelle beat one of the meanest, toughest women around, that black-haired, wild amazon, Raven? Raven talks the talk but Michelle is determined to see if she can walk the walk. Yes, these wild ladies throw the rulebook out the window and go for blood. In this multi-fall encounter, Michelle's overconfidence is countered by Raven's boiling determination and the bountiful brunette is overwhelmed in the first fall. However, the second fall shows Raven that Michelle's past winning streak was no fluke as she gasps for breath after Michelle's relentless assault. Eventually one heavy-breathing beauty is draped over the ropes wondering how she will survive this murderous battle.


In our next match we sweet, gorgeous Sierra, taking on the ever-popular Julie. Sierra confronts Julie on the mat and challenges her but Julie says this sweet newcomer isn't good enough to fight her and needs more training. So she throws Sierra around for a little training session then goes back to sleeping in the sun. While Sierra may look like the innocent, voluptuous girl next door, we soon see her competitive side as she turns the hose on the unsuspecting sleeping beauty. Soon they are both soaked and bent on destruction. The match goes to the ring where our wet, wild, warriors get it on and Julie immediately learns not to turn her back on this sweet woman child. There is definitely something very sexy about two wet topless beauties sliding across each other in a valiant struggle for supremacy. Two matches that most definitely offer some real ring joy.