OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


Our first two beauties are definitely not old, but, as far as wrestling experience goes, they are the old pros. Sandy and Robin are two of the best and most popular grapplers so when Sandy interrupted Robin's exercise routine and the two started arguing, we knew we were in for some real combat. Mia breaks them up and they challenge each other to contests of strength--first arm wrestling, then leg wrestling, then on to the big match. Sweet Robin and the tough and lovely Sandy could make a great tape all by themselves but we needed to inject this tape with some new blood as well.


And, while Seth and Jill appeared in tape #251, this match was their first recorded match. Although they feel ready to rumble, Nina feels Seth and Jill need more training in pro moves, as their catfight experience isn't enough. Not long into the training our young upstarts rebel and challenge Nina to a match. Mia will ref a two-out-of-three-falls handicap match with the two girls working as a tag team against the lone Nina's experienced toughness. Jill plans on playing dirty and wants Seth to do the same but sweet Seth says no way. The stronger Jill is holding her own against our gorgeous pro but soon Nina's experience comes through and sleek Seth must come to Jill's assistance. What great fun it is to watch two young beauties who have never been in a wrestling ring take on a really good wrestler. These new ladies do know some moves of their own, but are they enough?