OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


In DT's never-ending search to bring you the newest and best female fighters we introduce three new, anxious combatants. In our first match the gorgeous auburn-haired Sierra and the popular Yvonne are both being trained by Mia. Friction soon arises between our beautiful blonde Brit and this newcomer and a match is arranged. Sierra may not have a lot of experience but she's a perfect match for Yvonne. This match may not have fast action and wild moves, but there's a sensuous grace to these gals, like watching two bodies on a dance floor grinding to a slow, sexy song. Sierra is definitely a sparkling star in the making.


Our second match introduces two more newcomers - the gorgeous, sleek, blonde Seth and the pretty, Rubenesque Jill. Jill finds Seth sunning herself alone and leaps on her in a fit of anger. Soon Bobbie steps in to aid Seth, which brings in Francesca, who has a grudge against Bobbie. And of course whenever there's a mess there's always Mia to sort it out and this means organizing a tag team match. Nina is called in to ref this multi-fall pitting the blondes Seth and Bobbie against the brunettes Jill and Francesca. The newbies start it out and soon the larger Jill has Seth's top off. Francesca takes over to destroy the new fair maiden until Bobbie jumps to Seth's rescue. Soon all the tops are off and they are all in the ring at once. These evenly matched teams go at for a long time and the new girls truly receive a baptism of fire.