In this continuance of our destructive kisses series we returns where we left off in DT242. Weeks have passed since Mia was destroyed by Francesca, giving Mia time to cool off and to be interviewed by a blonde reporter. However, Mia wonıt start the interview until Julie shows up. Mia wants to use Julie to demonstrate some wrestling holds on. Julie resents being considered a practice dummy, and, enraged, goes right over the beautiful interviewer to attack Mia. But, Mia is determined not to lose this one, not in front of the press. Once in control she gives the reporter not only a tour of the house but of different submission holds, with Julie in helpless tow. Poor Julie is no sooner out cold when she is awakened by Mia's kiss then again destroyed. We finally end up outside where Mia answers questions beside her lifeless victim. It seems over but it's not - because there are many more questions to be answered, accompanied by more great destruction.


Our second match introduces the stunning young Nicole. In stiletto heels she enters the dungeon-like library where Mia awaits her. The ladies are going to work as strippers this night and Mia wants to see how good Nicole is. Mia goes first and sets a hot sexy pace for the sleek Nicole to follow. The sultry German accent seems appropriate as this young fraulein with her closely cropped hair starts to grind and sway. But, Mia doesn't appreciate the new beauty causing all hell to break loose. Nicole shows Mia some of her old German training as she drags Mia up and down the winding stairs, beating on her all the way. Then itıs out with the handcuffs as Mia is stretched between the bars. Mia's strong lean body is punished by the fury of this Teutonic hellcat.