When last we met the bountiful, sleek Michelle in DT239 she had challenged both Mia and Francesca to a fight. As Mia left the ring with a hurt knee Michelle went on to win a surprising victory over Francesca. It was quite apparent Michelle was not the wimp of old - now she played to win. Mia found this out that same day as she limped back to face Michelle. The new mean Michelle knew right where to go to inflict the most pain - Miašs injured knee. Mia's leg was under constant assault. Michelle's huge breasts explode out of her inadequate top. Even hurt Mia's a rugged foe - but how much pain can even she withstand? The ring echoes the moans of pain as Michelle pulls Mia's thigh into her large heaving breasts and pounds and twists the vulnerable joint. This new Michelle is indeed amazing!


However, how will this new, improved Michelle fare against a tough new warrior? Malibu is a lean muscular blonde whošs out to kick Michellešs ass. This beauty in a red, while and blue star-spangled bikini with studded arm covers lets Michelle know that the studs are to inflict pain. Michelle responds by displaying her lethal weapons - those huge suffocating breasts. Before the first hold is secured Michelle's breasts fall from that restrictive bikini and soon after Malibu falls on her. Malibu is no newcomer to inflicting pain and uses those studs like an artist as she etches on Michelle's face and eyes. The battle rages back and forth until Michelle uses her legs to put on one of the most innovative chokeholds we've ever seen. But Malibu isn't finished yet as she flails at Michelle's breasts to make her release this death grip. Youšll just have to see it all to believe it.