The wildest of all wildcats, Tina and Francesca, go at it in a breathtaking three-part match. The first part is basic wrestling; the second is boxing and the last a no-holds-barred segment. No sooner are these feisty beauties in the ring than they're arguing about previous matches. The bell signals the start of this war and Tina soon throws Francesca over her shoulders with power that belies her size. Francesca soon gets both her revenge and Tina's top. As always the tables continually turn and Tina soon has Francesca's top wrapped around her neck as she leads her foe around tile ring in a painful choke. On the battle rages until we finally have a victor in the first segment. After a five-minute rest our bare-chested beauties are lacing up the gloves for another form of destruction. Five minutes just isn't enough for the one who was destroyed earlier as the blows now increase her vulnerability, but when ladies are as tough as these two you can never count them out - beaten down, but definitely not out. It becomes a real battle to a crawling finish of demolition.

Surely they can't take any more - but there they are, bruised and battered, yet ready for the final phase - to see who really is the toughest. They go for it all here, even after their bottoms are ripped off, as if their beautiful nakedness has freed them. Itıs like being transported back in time with two female warriors from different clans battling for their lives. Their glorious long hair slaps across their naked brown bodies as they roll over each other in embraces of destruction, until one takes final control and her unbridled savageness is released. Only two such fabulous ladies could bring you such a blistering masterpiece of naked abandon!