ONE HOUR — $59.95


For those of you who like to see wet hands smothering defenseless ladies, here's a new set of stories to add to your collection. Indoors Mia sets out the rules for a match on the carpet between Bobbie and Michelle and one of those rules is that they can yell 'break'. They begin but Michelle is not able to yell as Bobbie always puts her hand over Michelle's mouth. It's a multi-fall match that goes on for quite a while between these two large beauties. Michelle's bountiful bosom flows out over the top of her restrictive bra and soon are freed completely. Bobbie also becomes bare-chested as she continues her attack on her opponent. Eventually one wins and her reward is to do as she pleases with the loser, with Mia suggesting the humiliating lick smother. Mia joins the winner to happily administer their wet smother to the helpless victim until, through some quirk of fate, the tables turn on one of the aggressors.


Next, we introduce a new girl, Nikita, a long, lean British brunette working in her office when two of her friends, Susie and fellow Brit Yvonne, come to visit. They all decide to get a pizza but when they go to get their money Yvonne finds her money missing and blames Susie. Nikita sides with the angry beautiful blonde and they attack little Susie. Once the Brits have beaten the Yank up they throw Susie in a chair and tie her up. Then Yvonne teaches Nikita the art of the wet hand. Again and again they punish her but eventually Susie talks Nikita into betraying Yvonne and they attack her. Soon Yvonne's luscious breasts are revealed and the lick smother is turned on her, over and over. This tape will leave you drenched!