And who better to teach this course than that ever-powerful redhead, Spice Williams? It's been way too long since we've seen this muscular beauty who has been very active in her acting career as well as giving birth to a beautiful baby boy. But she's back now and just as tough as ever. Spice instructs on how to eat and exercise properly - only this is no ordinary exercise video. This video is teaches how to destroy a man and get a good workout at the same time, and poor Andrew is her unfortunate visual aid. As Spice grapples with this game man she illustrates how all the different holds work the different muscles. Andrew tries hard, and even gets the upper hand sometimes, but Spice's strength and experience always get her back in that destructive mode. If you're not squeamish and can handle seeing a step-by-step analysis of brutal male destruction than this is the one for you! But, you may want to hide this educational tape from the wife!


Now you'd think Andrew would have learned a lesson from Spice's brutal seminar, but no, the macho fool follows the luscious Yvonne home one night and she vividly shows him how she feels about him. How many blows can one man take to the gut? You'll find out as Yvonne unleashes a savage barrage of punches to Andrew. This slender blonde, in her short skirt and high heels, packs quite a wallop, and you'll see the effects as you watch Andrew squirming on the floor. Yvonne's beautiful den almost seems like a torture chamber as Yvonne wields her fists like weapons of mass destruction. She definitely knows how to destroy a man - and enjoy it!