OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


She's a wild newcomer, a tough kickboxer and a vicious street fighter. Her name is Raven, a sinister black-haired she-devil who's come to DT to take on one of our best, marvelous Mia. Raven is a fairly large girl who uses all her size and fighting savvy to give the experienced veteran a royal battle she wouldn't soon forget. Mia stated the day after this match that she had never been left so sore, so bruised, so utterly exhausted after a match in all her wrestling life.


Next, e find the gorgeous statuesque Bobbie practicing with Mia and Julie when Bobbie says she wants a shot at Julie, the current DT champ. They set up a best-five-out-of-nine-fall match, with Mia as the ref. The clang of the opening bell sets the storm a-thundering. While Julie has the experience, Bobbie's youth and strength go a long way. One gets a fall then the other, on and on until it seems like they can't possibly go on. But on they do go with each amazing hold followed by another. Just when you thought you've seen Bobbie stretch in every possible way, Julie finds new and incredibly inventive stretch submission holds to put her in. If you're looking for a long hard well fought pro-style match then you've come to the right tape!