Our popular kissing continues where it left off in DT234 after Mia destroyed Yvonne who had come to interview her. Mia is now in hiding, housesitting for a friend, when a persistent knock on the door reveals Francesca, who has been looking for Mia. Despite Mia's protests Francesca forces her way in and soon light conversation turns heavy when she learns Mia is taking care of her man's house. In a jealous rage she leaps on Mia and a fight ensues ending wit Mia out cold. Francesca soon wakes Mia up with kisses and sweet talk that again turn nasty. Francesca drags Mia to the kitchen where she beats her, then down the long hall to the bedroom stopping along the way to put Mia out again. Spread-eagled on the bedroom floor Mia is again awakened by Francesca's kisses again and once awake they fight ending up outside by the pool. There the diving board becomes the site of one of the all time greatest finales ever filmed.


The second section of this tape finds Mia at her friend Gasae's computer where she accidentally finds Gasae's diary and seeing the unsavory things her friend has written about her. Mia is so engrossed that she doesn't notice Gasae sneaking up behind her. An ensuing argument leads to Mia being sadistically choked in the chair until she passes out. When Mia comes to she goes looking for Gasae, eventually finding her in the bathroom where Mia now attacks. There's a violent struggle and the dresses are ripped off. Now only in panties the violent vixens continue choking each other. Amazing positions are achieved until Mia finally puts one foot on the tub and the other on the toilet as she uses her positional advantage to choke Gasae. This is far from over, however as these bodies end up outside where the choking destruction goes to breathless extremes.