OVER ONE HOUR — $59.95


There's a little bit of everything here and it's all great We start with two of the greatest as the bountiful blonde amazon, Shelly, takes on the much smaller but no less iconic a combatant, Mia. Mia poses in her championship belt and lets Shelly take it off of her before they begin. As soon as they do you'll remember why we all love Shelly, so much. Nobody can talk the talk or walk the walk like the infamous Burbank Bomber and nobody enjoys combat more. Once she has Mia in an armlock choke it is evident that she truly relishes making Mia walk on her tiptoes around the ring while pulling at Mia's bottoms. But Mia's speed soon counteracts Shelly's strength as Mia puts her in a stomach scissors and squeezes the big blonde into submission. Of course this only the first fall. Shelly doesnąt stay down so easily. This is a multi fall match and Shelly's only getting started. Soon Shelly is exerting her power as she destroys poor Mia's groin and then turns her black-gloved claws on Mia's ass. They each get their falls yet the dramatic struggle continues as neither of these tussling titans will ever say die. Normally this would be enough to be a tape all by itself...


... But, we decided to reward all our great customers with another mini-feature, scripted by one of our customers, which opens with thieves Susie and Michelle entering the gate or a Hollywood Hills home. They arrive at an open area where they split up. Inside, we find Bobbie and Tina dressed in cowgirl outfits and guarding this house until help comes. Hearing a noise downstairs, Tina goes to investigate and surprises Michelle. The cluttered area explodes as a wild fight ensues. Tina proceeds to savagely pound Michelle in the stomach. Just as a defeated Michelle is being tied up by Tina Susie sneaks in from behind and knocks the cowgirl out. Susie and Michelle go upstairs where the waiting Bobbie knocks out the first one to enter the room. Bobbie and the remaining villainess then fight over chairs, stools and on the hardwood floor. Then, the downed thief starts to wake up‹as does Tina downstairs. The battles rage from room to room, with punches flying and double-teamings galore. And just when you think it's all over...