OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


We start out with a grudge bout between two of our toughest, scrappiest beauties, Tina and Francesca. Francesca never forgot how Tina beat her in their last encounter and she wants revenge, even though she knows that Tina is the more experienced boxer. The bell rings and our topless pugilists come out to fight. Experience soon takes over as Tina's jabs and footwork begin to intimidate. Tough and determined as Francesca is she finds herself against the ropes, her body pummeled by a savage attack that strikes at both her stomach and breasts and finishes with a jawbreaker right hook that knocks her to the canvas. Things get even worse when the dazed Francesca comes out for the next section and is met with even worse punishment. It's as though Tina doesn't want to hit her in the face but wouId rather keep Francesca standing so she can destroy her body. But, anyone who knows Francesca knows you have to destroy her to stop her and if you don't she'll continue to find her way back in. They finally rip the gloves off and it's bare knuckles to the end. This battle was so great that a rematch has already been scheduled.


So, Tina decides to work out with a very well trained boxer, Christine. The only problem is that when you get two such competitive combatants in a ring hitting each other there's bound to be trouble. Christine tries to teach too much, too hard, and Tina decides to take her on for real. Our Tina is nobody's fool as evidenced by her challenge to wrestle first. Christine has never met a challenge she didn't accept. Off go the gloves and, soon after, their tops as these wildcats get into their no-holds-barred match. We can expect nothing but wild and frantic action from these two. Finally, just as the wily Tina starts to overpower and she's batter Christine to a pulp, Tina challenges her to finish their fight with boxing gloves. She even helps poor, tottering Christine put her gloves on - their proceeds to beat Christine's body, from tight tummy to bountiful breasts. Can Christine weather this storm and gets her wind and senses back in time?