OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


You loved them in DT233 when they tried to rip each otheršs breasts off. Well, now Michelle and Christine are on the same side and ready to practice, but Mia is still in the ring, lifeless and topless after her match with Francesca on DT235. Michelle and Christine wake Mia up with a barrage of insults, call her a has-been. Mia challenges both of them to a tag match. No sooner does she spell out the rules then Michelle slugs Mia in the gut and both ladies proceed to attack her, driving her into a corner and viciously pounding her. Finally, Christine decides they should beat Mia one at a time and gets out, leaving Michelle to continue the destruction alone against the groggy Mia. Michellešs large breasts escape from their restrictive holder and flop from side to side as she slugs Mia in the gut and puts a head scissors on her. But Mia isnšt taken out this easily. Soon Mia has a head scissors on Michelle and even as Michelle pummels her in the gut Mia squeezes tight -- until Christine jumps in and kicks Mia hard in the groin. Soon Christine takes her turn at destruction and Mia's stomach, neck and groin get a savage beating but again Mia comes back using Christine's top to strangle her. Soon both of these double-D destroyers gang up on tough little Mia again.


And speaking of tough, Michelle is again out to prove how tough she is against Francesca and Mia, who have made up and are working out in the ring. When Michelle comes up telling both of them how wimpy they are a challenge is made. Michelle says she'll take each of them on one at a time. Francesca goes first and with a cheating kick Michelle shows that she really has learned how to handle these tough young grapplers. Michelle gets the upper hand quickly and knows enough to keep the pressure on. There's no keeping the tops on these wildcats, as those beautiful breasts become part of the action. Never have we seen the lean top heavy Michelle so aggressive. But, the bronze-skinned Francesca is like a wounded animal, and every time Michelle gets too close the fierce feline attacks. A great catfight that elevates Michelle to a new level of combat.