ONE HOUR — $59.95


Beautiful, big, tough and very mean is how we'd describe our first two ladies. Bobbie and Nina will do whatever it takes to win this multi-fall match. These big girls do it big - airplane spins, chokes, kicks to the groin, throws out of the ring. Nina flexes and makes Bobbie stretch beyond her limbs' limits. Legs just shouldn't bend that way. But Bobbie comes back, bending Nina's arm where it shouldn't be able to go, taking Nina down to the mat. Each lady wins one fall and go for blood in the third. You'll love it.


When it comes to stretching, the queen is definitely Angel, and in our second match she takes on one of the toughest flexers of all, Sandy, who has a grudge against the nimble little blonde. Mia steps in and sets up the match. In short order Sandy finds out just how flexible her opponent really is as she pins Angel's legs over her head and to the mat. Angel gets free and throws the beautiful tough Sandy around the ring. Tables turn again and Sandy is again stretching one of Angel's long, lean legs under the ropes as she jumps on the other. Not only does Angel endure this pain, she kicks Sandy out of the ring and pulls her legs over her head and sits on them. As Sandy gets back in the ring she's hit by a couple of devastating kicks to the head. And it's not over yet! For pure entertainment this tape is a real kick in the head. Just ask Sandy.