ONE HOUR — $59.95


Two bodies guaranteed to melt any telescope begin this tape. Morgan, the curvaceous lady with those perfect, large, luscious breasts takes on the lean, firm, blonde Brit, Yvonne. The cosmos explode like a super nova when these two heavenly bodies collide, but don't cover your eyes because you'll want to see every bit of these beauties. They may not be the fastest or most scientific wrestlers but they more than make up for it with the ferocity of their catfighting. Starting the match topless, they use those bountiful breasts to smother each other and take turns biting and destroying each other's mammaries. Like some new constellation they merge into a two-headed body as they deploy a breast-to-breast bearhug that drives them to their knees and back up again. How long can these breasts endure such intense pressure?


The next two dazzling stars in our wrestling firmament are two of your favorites, Mia and Francesca. Francesca joins Mia in the backyard and sarcastically says she was sent to find the wrestling champ to get some tips, pointing out that ex-champ Mia is a has-been who won rigged fights. This Infuriates Mia and they argue trying to decide who has the best arm and leg muscles. After an arm wrestling match and they go off to the mat and then they decide to finish it off in the ring. Francesca takes her top off, freeing her pert brown breasts. As the match starts Francesca quickly gets Mia's top off and uses it to choke her. This sets a wild romp as both ladies try to destroy each other. The athletic Mia is a great wrestler but there's something about her that brings out a real mean streak in Francesca. These strong young gladiators go head to head, spouting their game plans as they try to rip the limbs off each other. All together the force of these four heavenly bodies colliding will suck you into a black hole of viewing enjoyment.