The dominant destruction starts out where we left off in DT228 after Allie left Mia nude and unconscious with her bikini bottoms stuffed in her mouth. The luscious Yvonne enters with her clipboard to interview Mia. Once awake, Mia remembers what Allie did to her but decides to go on with the interview any way -- that is if Yvonne would quit talking about how Mia is always getting beat up. Finally Mia decides to show Yvonne how easy it is to get sucker punched then destroyed. Awakened by Mia's kiss, a groggy Yvonne, stripped down to her bikini bottoms, now falls prey to Mia's devilish ideas for total destruction. Soon each of Yvonne's hands are tied with ropes stretching her between two ring posts as her taut, perfect body gleams in the morning sunlight. Now begins Mia's punching destruction -- on and on until Yvonne again goes out and another kiss wakes her - to prepare her for even more demolition.


Next, Yvonne challenges Francesca to a match in the ring and they both come with their boyfriends. One boy friend is videotaping while the other shoots still photos and each thinks his girl will be the victor. Each lady plans on disgracing her opponent in front of her man. Soon all is topless and heated as the men cheer them on, maybe a little too much as Francesca attacks one boy friend who gets too involved but Yvonne saves him and gets the upper hand. And the destruction begins - Yvonne beats Francesca and rides the broken girl around the ring as she slaps her hand hard on Francesca's ass with her hand. Then Francesca is choked out and Yvonne lowers her rounded buttocks on to Francesca's beautiful face. We soon find out that Yvonne never forgot how Francesca made her eat dirt in DT213, and it's time for payback. A black bag comes out and out of it comes the dog collar, then the bone... and domination and degradation that goes all the way