WOW is the new name for our nude matches and WOW is the only way to describe this one. Just as they did in Tapes #187 and 198, the athletic, gorgeous Christine takes on the sleek, bountiful Michelle for major breast destruction. Only this time it's all or nothing as a rich patron has offered $5000 to the winner of another match between these two. However, they can't even wait for the ring before they start to destroy each other. Meeting to discuss terms they begin to compare their breasts and taunt each other until it escalates into a raging battle. The mini-skirts are pulled over their tight, round butts as they struggle to get at each other's breasts until they have to be separated. Christine leaves to get herself together but Michelle follows her and again they're at it. This time they rip each other's tops off. Down to panties and bras they face off in the trees until they are again separated. They finally meet in the ring to finish it off as each lady tries to squeeze the life out of her opponent's tits. It hurts to see such beautiful mounds of flesh put through this torture: breast boxing, breast rams, breast destruction. These sexy sirens are out to destroy each other and nothing will get in their way, including their panties. Eventually our all-nude warriors let it all hang out. Vulnerable chests and groins become fair game as these lean naked destroyers each grab hold of both areas at the same time. Who can endure the pain the longest? Sleek bodies roll over blue canvas, unencumbered by clothes. As we said: therešs no other way to describe this one but -- WOW!!!