OVER AN HOUR — $59.95


The Walters sisters are at again! While training her sister Brandy and the vivacious Tina, Mia is surprised by the arrival of her other sister Nina. Nina's been hearing that some girls have been talking trash about her. Nina's anger ignites a fire under Tina, who doesn't like her, and Brandy, who resents her. Unlike in Tape #225, it's now Tina's turn to take Nina on as Brandy stays outside the ring. However, Brandy has already told Tina about Nina's weaknesses. When the bell rings, two great wrestlers bent on destruction provide the ingredients for one great match. Temptation is finally too much for Brandy as she joins the fray, followed soon after by Mia. From then on, all hell breaks loose. Believe it or not, this all ends up in the pool with all three sisters going at it. How? Well, you'll just have to see for yourself.


In our next match, the veteran Julie is training blonde Brit Yvonne and lean, flexible Shane. The session isn't going well and the two rookies end up challenging their trainer to a handicap match with Mia as ref. Now, Julie is good, but is she good enough to take on two youthful opponents? And can Yvonne and Shane resist the temptation to gang up on Julie? And will Mia able to control it all? Whatever the answers are, one thing is certain threesomes are always more fun.