ONE HOUR — $59.95


Waiting to start a tag team match, Mia's partner doesn't show. She wants to call the match but the team of Sandy and Bobbie won't hear of it and insist Mia fight both of them. Mia agrees, as long they have to tag in, not gang up on her. Sandy and Mia start out with a long bruising bearhug that sets the pace for this painful bout. Mia is almost split in half as Sandy pulls Mia's panties up almost through her crack. The tops come off as they all valiantly struggle and Mia is really holding her own until the outside girl starts to help her partner. Mia is actually stretched by Bobbie on the outside as Sandy savagely slugs her gut. This is only the beginning as these bad girls gang up on Mia attacking her in every way even to the point of soundly beating her thighs. They pull her pants down and watch her crawl to her corner. Is nothing sacred?


For the second match we bring back the large luscious amazon Lisa Marie and pit her against big, bad, beautiful Bobbie. These girls put on quite a show, as they obviously don't like each other. Mean, tough, what ever you want to call it, they enjoy being big, bad, bruising bitches. The ring quakes as these amazing amazons collide. Both of these women are ready to do whatever it takes to win -- bite, kick, choke, and even use their hands and feet to maul breasts. Big buxom babes bring big bundles of bombastic bruises