If you like legs seeing them torturing and being tortured, seeing them strain for destruction and pound the floor in agony then this is the tape for you. First we find Tina and Francesca in the living room arguing about who has the stronger gams, which leads to a leg-squeezing contest, which leads to an all-out fight. They are out to squeeze the life out of each other and we see it from the angle of both sets of legs, the ones giving the pain and the ones getting it.


Next we have Yvonne and Allie who not only have the same boyfriend but are also wearing the same skirts -- which brings the claws out. They wrestle and roll as those loose skirts fly high over their firm round behinds. Again we cooncentrate on the view of these beautiful legs, especially the legs of the victim. As destruction rains down on them we watch their legs writhe with pain, pound the floor in agony and flail in the air furiously. The skirts are pulled and tugged every which way as they apply their destruction. The muscles in their legs quiver and shake; their feet smash into the floor. Finally, one set of lean, firm legs falls limp and the winner claims her trophy as she pulls the skirt off of these lifeless limbs.