Angel's back and dressed to kill! One of your all-time favorites is again ready to please. As beautiful and flexible as ever Angel is ready to do battle with one of the best, Fight Babe Robin for a best-of-eleven-fall match. Each beauty wears as a short tennis skirt with white undies and white aerobic shoes and socks. Like two innocent cheerleaders, but this time the big game is between these two sweet looking killers. See the incredible stretches as Angel warms up for the match. Watch Angel throw Robin through the air. Skirts fly high over perfect, firm, round buttocks revealing their sexy white panties. The only thing that flies higher than these skirts are these beautiful ladies. Angel pulls Robin's leg over her head and pins her, butt to the sky. Robin contorts Angel's leg over her head for a devastating pin. Finally the victor performs a humiliating gesture - the tie up, leaving the victim completely helpless.


It would seem there's no way to top this one but just watch as Robin, now dressed in a satin nighty and high heels, takes on Sandy in a hot pink teddy with heels with none other than the fabulous Angel to referee. This sleeping attire is very fitting as Robin soon throws Sandy down and applies her infamous steeper. When Robin gets the big-breasted blonde beauty in a second sleeper, Robin tells Sandy how she's going to continue to destroy her with this move. Suddenly, Sandy surprises slick Robin with a head scissors that twists Robin's tortured body to the mat. Now it's Sandy turn to apply the nightmare hold. Over and over these girls vie to see whose dreaded sleeper provides the longest nap. The nightmare ends in bondage but then ref Angel enters and the tables are turned. It's a glorious finish to a tape featuring ladies that are definitely dressed to kill.