They're at it again! We pick up right where we left off in Tape #226 after Francesca had left Mia outside stripped nude with her panties stuffed in her month and one card placed on her crotch. Allie finds Mia this way and wakes her with a kiss. It takes Mia a while to get her bearings but it's soon apparent she doesn't want this woman caressing, kissing, and fondling her. Mia strikes out and Allie is enraged. She knocks Mia out and ties her spread-eagled to the swing where she can have her way with her alternating between stroking, kissing and beating the helpless Mia. Next she drags her to the table where she spreads her across it and ties her down, preparing to feast on poor Mia. Allie continues her destruction to a finish that seems like a prelude for yet another future tape.


The second part of this tape is a real wild indoor romp. The luscious Yvonne is home on the phone when Francesca comes to the door selling cosmetics. Yvonne isn't interested but that doesn't deter this determined saleslady. Francesca keeps coming and Yvonne keeps pushing her out. But there's no stopping this Francesca who goes so far as to knock her customer out to then make her sample her wares. After repeated "make-over" Yvonne finds herself stripped and beaten but she smells great and her makeup is superb. Francesca even strips herself to further enjoy this forced demonstration. Francesca assaults Yvonne's perfect body until her victim is out cold again. Francesca then pampers Yvonne while she's unconscious only to bring her back for another onslaught of destruction. Will this violent sales pitch ever be completed?